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Best Transportation Companies in Nigeria

Best Transportation Companies in Nigeria


Travelling by road can be interesting you know because you will get to be doing site-seeing too but it could be uncomfortable and boring if you happen to travel by a poorly maintained bus although these poor rickety buses could be cheaper but for you to enjoy your traveling experience is better and best for you to travel with a transportation company that has name and also has great services to offer to their customers.

So if you are confused about choosing a transportation company to travel, here is a list of the best transportation companies to travel within Nigeria, relax and read below

Best Transportation Companies in Nigeria


 God is Good Motors

This is one of the leading transportation companies in Nigeria and also the most technologically-driven company in the transportation sector.  One great thing about this company is that you can just stay at the comfort of your home book a ticket for your travel by simply making use of their Mobile App or logging onto their website.

GIGM started its transportation services as far back as 1998 with its headquarters located in Benin, Edo State. They also have ultra-modern bus terminal at jibodwu, yaba and you can travel as many as 10 states of the country using their transportation services. GIGM is a family-owned business and the organization is divided into seven departments namely: operations, finance, administration, customer-care, fleet and engineering services as well as executive management.

ABC Motors

This is one of the best transportation companies to travel with and gradually this company is fast becoming a global company aside from the fact that you can travel to as many states of the country that you wish to, you can also travel to other African countries like Ghana, Togo, Benin with ABC Motors services. Wow, interesting this is!

The ABC Motors company was founded in 1993 with its headquarters located in Owerri, IMO State and their services so far are excellent and in addition to that, they have an online tracking system that helps you track your parcel and hotel service for lodging. The hotel is called City Transit Inn and it is located in Utako, Abuja.


Cisco Transport Ltd

This transport company is owned by Dr. Chidi Anyaegbu which was established in 1978 is also among the the best and reputable companies to travel with.

This company has bus terminals at almost all parts of the country and you can comfortably book a travel ticket online with their website at any part of the country that you might be in. The company has over 500 fleet and their services span the whole of Nigeria and some parts of West Africa.

Young Shall Grow Motors Ltd

This transportation company was established in 1972 and is owned by Dr. Chidi Amaechi. This company started as a small transportation company that only focused on the transportation issues within the eastern part of the country but has gradually grown to a large company that now covers almost all parts of the country. The young shall grow motors Ltd is among the best transportation companies that offer you an exclusive and excellent service for your travel adventures.

GUO Transport

This transport company is a common household in every Nigerian home expect if you have not traveled before.  One unique feature of this company is that they offer a lot of transport-related services like haulage, charter services, hotel/airport pickup. They have transportation destinations in areas like Onitsha, Lagos, Abuja, Owerri, Kano, etc, you can also book a traveling ticket with them at the comfort of your home using their website.

·         Other top transportation companies include;  peace mass transit, cross country Ltd, ifesinachi transport Ltd

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